Mars surgical strike is an offline shooting game where you fight as Sikh Regiment special commando forces in Mars battlegrounds.

This game has a futuristic fantasy storyline. After a successful mars mission, India established its colony on the planet. However in 2050, out of nowhere a swarm of space monsters attacked the colony! A team of special force Sardar commandos from the Sikh regiment of the Indian Army was put together to head to Mars, and conduct a Surgical strike! These sikh soldiers have a mission to defend the colony by their stealth talent and powerful weapons. Join the punjabi soldiers in this Sci fi action game.

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Come up with a strategy! Load your weapons. Beat the monsters! Survive the attack and achieve victory in the battleground. These evil aliens may know no mercy, every single one of them is a challenge! But you can beat them all with the help of a war robot that accompanies you on the mission. You can also use the special guns attached to your spaceship. Watch out 

for the flying ones, cause they would try to damage your war robot and spaceship first. 

Don't leave any aliens alive! Unlock all your weapons including the Ice Gun, shotgun and Plasma gun, by collecting coins by completing all the mission levels of map sectors. You can also buy ammo to refill your guns, using these coins.


Just like players defend their towers in the best tower defense games, you have to defend mars sectors!  Optimized for mobile device operating, with smooth controlling and exciting battle sounds, experience the console shooter fun! This is specially designed for boys who are searching for free low mb casual mobile games.

Are you ready for all the action and adventure in this awesome strategy shooting game? It’s Absolutely free to download!